Why you need to add Emu Oil to your daily regimen

What is Emu Oil?

So exactly what is it? Emu Oil comes from an Emu.  The Emu is a flightless bird that is native to Australia.

The bright yellow oil is made of mostly fat, which is collected from the deposits below the skin of the bird.  The American Emu Association have certification programs that aim to ensure the emu oil we use is pure and the Emu enjoys the best possible life.

Emu oil is made up of smaller particles, which allows it to carry many healthful compounds to deep layers of the skin.  In addition it contains high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), antioxidants, and Vitamin A.

Emu Oil as an Anti-Inflammatory

The most popular benefit of emu oil is its use as an anti-inflammatory. It also contains compounds that have antioxidant properties. In a review posted in the journal Nutrition, researchers noted that the potent anti-inflammatory effect of emu oil may be beneficial in treating arthritis.  In this case it is used as a massage oil


Emu Oil for Skin

The skin easily absorbs emu oil.   This can help lock in moisture, making the skin less prone to cracking and drying out.  Emu Oil may also help reduce skin damage associated with cancer.  Studies show that emu oil can pass the absorbable trait on to other compounds when mixed together.  Thus, the marriage of CBD and emu oil in our Super Salve.  This product has been shown to help with pain associated with inflammation of joints and muscles.  


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