What You Need To Know About Moringa Oil “The Wonder Ingredient”

What is Moringa Oil?

So exactly what is it? The moringa tree is sometimes dubbed ‘wonder tree’ because every single part of the tree has a function. Roots, stems, leaves, resin, flowers and seed pods are all considered healing in Ayurveda, and medicinal uses date back to ancient Greek times. The tree bears flowers and fruit all year long.

The abundant oil that comes from the seed pods is shockingly resistant to oxidation, which makes it a delightful oil to work with in skincare formulations. Moringa is native to northern India and parts of Africa, but is now sourced from around the world, including most of Asia, the Caribbean and parts of the United States. Boasting anti-inflammatory properties and packed with vitamins A, C and E and other antioxidants, moringa fights premature aging and dull skin. When cold-pressed, the oil from the seeds is one of the most effective multitasking moisturizers for all hair and skin types. Its incredibly long shelf life and ability to deliver nutrients deep into the skin makes it an ideal ingredient in soaps, makeup, balms and other hair and skin care products.

Moringa Oil for Skin

Soften skin with our Luna CBD Skin Care Hemp Infused Moringa Oil. Moringa CBD oil is lightweight and absorbs easily, meaning it won’t clog pores. Even for oily and acne-prone skin, applying moringa oil can help regulate oil production. Those with dry skin should try as the moringa oil delivers the nutrients dry skin needs.

Moringa Oil for Hair

It’s equally beneficial to hair. Moringa has one of the highest naturally occurring levels of behenic acid, a common ingredient in hair conditioners. Using moringa oil as a leave-in moisturizer on damp hair allows you the benefits of traditional conditioners and serums without the filler. Moringa also makes a nourishing oil for the scalp that encourages healthy hair growth. Best of all, it won’t leave a greasy after-feel for those with thinner hair who might find coconut or shea oil too heavy.

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